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About Guardian.

Welcome to Guardian Academy! We built this site with youth in mind. We want to empower youth with the knowledge and skills that are not taught in schools, colleges and universities. We are the guardian angel that guides you toward success by helping you gain new skills. Join us today. Be part of our proud family!

Why You Should
Learn with Guardian Academy?

The Guardian Academy is a leading platform with the promise to provide quality education, guidance and knowledge. All our courses are highly organised & well designed by proficient instructors and academicians. Our goal is to provide professional development training, so all our courses are designed to equip learners with the fundamental career skills to excel in their field. We provide a range of online courses for students of all levels, from leadership and management to marketing and Microsoft Office training. Whether you’re looking for a change of career or wish to master a new language, we’ve got the perfect course for that.

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Who are we?

Guardian Academy is headquartered in the United Kingdom. Since 2020, Guardian Academy brings together diversified areas of knowledge and has a privileged position for facilitating the contemporary evolution of distance learning. Our quality of e-learning and e-teaching is attracting an ever-increasing amount of learners from around the globe.  We provide Instructor-led online self-paced audiovisual courses. We are always promised to provide an interactive, effective and affordable distance learning facility through our e-Learning platform. Our online courses are designed to assist you to step up your career, build a better skill set, and, most importantly, gain the necessary knowledge to excel in that specific subject matter. We are a team of leading industry experts, academicians, researchers and freelance educators. Our goal is to help the sophophiles, epistemofiles and businesses to empower themselves through optimum knowledge and skill.

How To Be Part of Us?

You can be our Instructor or Affiliates or Both.

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