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Course Curriculum

Understanding REST APIs
Introduction to REST / Roadmap FREE 00:03:00
Understanding REST APIs FREE 00:06:00
Understanding the Tools We Will Use FREE 00:05:00
Scaffolding the Application
Initializing the Project / Configuring Express 00:10:00
Setting up the Database 00:14:00
Documenting the Application 00:08:00
Requesting and Sending Data using a REST API
ROADMAP – Requesting and Sending Data using a REST API 00:02:00
Requesting and Sending Data Regarding a Single Product 00:10:00
Searching for Products by Ordinal Values 00:09:00
Searching for Products by Linear Values 00:09:00
Querying the Database for All Distinct Values 00:06:00
Validating Requests and Modifying the Database in a REST API
Documenting a Secure Route 00:06:00
Modifying Data on a REST API 00:14:00
Summary / Homework 00:04:00
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