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Course Curriculum

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 - Hands-on Training Part I
Course Overview 00:07:00
Downloading ISO and OVA Fles for VirtualBox 00:09:00
Create a Virtual Install of Server 2019 Full GUI 00:12:00
Create a Virtual Install of Server 2019 Core Using VirtualBox 00:13:00
Create a Virtual Install of Windows 10 VirtualBox 00:16:00
Taking a Snapshot of Your Current configuration 00:05:00
Preparing Your Network for Active Directory 00:08:00
Rename Your Server Using Powershell 00:03:00
Assign a Static IP address Using PowerShell 00:05:00
Install the Active Directory Domain Services Role Using Powershell 00:04:00
Promote Server 2019 as a Domain Controller Using PowerShell 00:06:00
Promote Server Core to a Domain Controller 00:15:00
Add a Windows 10 Client to the Domain 00:16:00
Create a User in Active Directory 00:04:00
Limit computers a user can log onto 00:02:00
Limit logon hours for a user in Windows Active Directory 00:03:00
Reset a user’s password In Windows Active Directory _ i18F005 00:02:00
Unlock or enable an account in Active Directory 00:03:00
Reset a Lost Administrator password in Windows Server 00:13:00
Create a shared folder Using Windows Server 00:05:00
Create a Shared Folder Using Server Manager 00:06:00
Rearm the 180-day Evaluation Period for Windows Server 00:03:00
Rearm the 30-day Evaluation for Windows 10 00:03:00
Windows Server 2019 Updates Settings 00:04:00
Enable Remote Desktop Using PowerShell 00:06:00
NTDSUTIL: Resetting the Directory Services Recovery Mode Password 00:04:00
Create a Heads-up Display Using BgInfo 00:09:00
Manually Enabling Remote Management 00:05:00
Prevent automatic logoff due to inactivity 00:03:00
How to create and link a group policy to an OU 00:05:00
How to edit group policy objects to affect a user 00:03:00
How to edit a group policy object to affect a computer 00:04:00
Backup and restore Group Policy objects in Active Directory 00:04:00
Force Screensaver and Timeouts Using Group Policy 00:07:00
Change Users Desktop Background Using Group Policy 00:10:00
Installing the DNS role using Server Manager 00:06:00
Create a secondary or backup DNS server 00:08:00
Create a secondary or backup DNS server using Server Core 00:09:00
Create a DNS reverse lookup zone in Server 2019 00:03:00
Create a new DNS host record 00:02:00
Create a host Record for a new website in Microsoft DNS 00:05:00
Creating a new MX record for a Microsoft Exchange Server in DNS 00:05:00
Install the DHCP Role Using PowerShell 00:09:00
Installing the DHCP Server Role Using Server Manager 00:04:00
How to authorize/Unauthorize a DHCP server 00:03:00
How to Edit the default gateway settings in DHCP 00:03:00
How to edit DNS server list in DHCP 00:04:00
Edit a DHCP Scope 00:03:00
How to backup and restore the DHCP database 00:03:00
Use filters in DHCP to deny clients DHCP services 00:03:00
Create predefined options in DHCP _ i18F005 00:06:00
Use DHCP User Classes to Assign Alternate DHCP Options 00:06:00
Adding Additional Virtual Hard Disks 00:07:00
How to shrink or extend a volume in Windows Server 2019 00:05:00
How to format a volume with ReFS in Windows Server 2019 00:04:00
How to format a volume with FAT32 in Windows Server 2019 00:03:00
Turn the Windows firewall on and off 00:02:00
How to Allow an Inbound Port Thru Windows Firewall 00:03:00
Using netsh to Manage the Windows Firewall 00:05:00
Using Powershell to Gather Firewall Information 00:05:00
Allow PING between Windows Server and Windows 10 00:05:00
Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity 00:17:00
NSLookup 00:06:00
Windows Reliability Monitor 00:05:00
Overview of Sysinternal’s Process Explorer 00:18:00
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