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PowerPoint for Beginners: How to be Good At PowerPoint In 2021

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Learn PowerPoint from Beginner to Expert Level, There is always time to learn, all you need to have a willingness. Read this blog practice at your home, then share your improvement with us

1. Insert and Change a Theme

Themes are essentially a foundation connected with a textual style and a shading plan that applies to text, shapes, and even tables. You will be incited when opening PowerPoint to choose a topic prior to beginning creation. On the off chance that you need to choose an alternate subject, go to the Design tab, and select a theme that meets your requirements. The chosen theme will be situated to the actual left of the topic strip. You can likewise choose a variation of that equivalent theme (which basically just changes the shade of the theme).

2. Change the Layout of a Slide

Slide layouts are underlying, organized slides. For instance, you can have a Title Slide with a major book box and text dimension. Different formats are fabricated more for body slides (like how you would have a body section in an essay) or slide with photograph placeholders; these permit you to embed a photograph and text without having to reformat. To change the layout of a slide, select the slide you wish to change and choose Layout on the Home tab. At that point pick which format you might want to change the slide to be.

3. Insert and Modify a Chart

Charts in PowerPoint are awesome expressive objects that let you show numbers and measurements in an intriguing and useful manner. To embed a chart, you just go to the Insert tab and snap-on Chart. You will be given an assortment of charts to use in your undertaking. When you embed an outline based on your personal preference, click on the Edit Data button while choosing the chart. This will permit you to change the numbers that are shown graphically.

You can likewise change the tone and style of the graph by utilizing the Design tab of the Chart Tools; this will permit you to add shadows and other plan angles to your outlines. You can add additional components to the chart like a legend, information tables and an outline title by tapping on the Add Chart Element situated to the actual left of the lace. (Note, to see the alternatives accessible to alter on the diagram you should choose the outline and utilize the tabs situated under the Chart Tools subsection.) Or you can tap on the green plus symbol situated on the right side of the graph.

4. SmartArt

SmartArt is a function that transforms plain content into a graphic that can be changed. It is a basic yet viable approach to get your audience to focus harder on your presentation. There are two different ways to embed SmartArt into your venture, the principal path is by just going to the Insert tab and snap-on SmartArt. From that point, you can embed the content you need into the given content boxes.

The subsequent method to get SmartArt into your ventures is by changing previously given content (counting list items) into SmartArt. You do this by right tapping on the content box you wish to change and look down to convert to SmartArt. You would then be able to choose from the SmartArt formats given to you or snap-on More SmartArt Graphics to see the entire library.

5. Simple Transitions

Transitions are just animations that are applied to slides all in all. They are utilized while moving between slides. To apply a change you need to explore the Transitions tab. There, you can apply any transition from the implicit library. Know that there is a drop-down bolt that will show you a lot more changes that are accessible to you. Essentially snap-on progress to apply it to the chosen slide. Whenever it is applied, you will see a star under the slide number.

6. Easy Animations

Animations are very much like transitions, the lone contrast is that liveliness applies explicitly to the substance that slides hold: text, shapes, charts, SmartArt, pictures, and so on. Animations are applied precisely like changes; snap on the item you need to add animation, and afterwards snap on the animation you wish to apply. There is likewise a drop-down bolt that will uncover more animations accessible to you.

In following these points, you will quickly get accustomed to using the tools and make better PowerPoint presentations. If you want to know more awesome tips and hints to create amazing presentations, you may enrol in this course “Powerpoint Made Easy” to understand PowerPoint in more details. From this course, you will learn how to

  • Create slides and customise their layouts
  • Edit and change pictures
  • Work with ClipArt, WordArt, SmartArt and make shapes
  • Add Movies and Sounds and Animation
  • Create and use tables
  • Using Word & Excel within PowerPoint and many more.

August 14, 2022

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