PowerPoint for Beginners: How to be Good At PowerPoint In 2021

Microsoft Powerpoint

PowerPoint for Beginners: Simple Presentation Ways

Microsoft Powerpoint
PowerPoint for Beginners: How to be Good At PowerPoint In 2021


When you get into something new, you might face pressure consistently and this is particularly distressing when the need to be professional, and you wanna achieve stability. As a rule, you will be tossed into a task that expects you to have a fundamental comprehension of an introducing apparatus, this is true in the case of Microsoft PowerPoint too. Here, I will tell you the best way to utilize PowerPoint in some focuses that will facilitate your expectation to absorb information.

1. Adding a Movie to your PowerPoint Slide

Adding diverse forms of media to a PowerPoint presentation can make it more appealing to different learning types, also it engages your audience more. For a video, click on the Insert icon, click on Movie and then select the movie you want to add to the slide design. You can choose to play the movie automatically or when clicked. You can also add cool animated movies from your clip organizer!

2. Adding Sound to your Presentation

You can also add sounds in diverse formats in your presentation. Snap-on the Insert icon, choose Sound and next choose the audio from the file you wish for. It’s better to prefer embedded sound files than the linked ones for your slide.

3. Importing Excel, Word

Directly importing Excel and Word files in your presentation enhances your presentation structure and beauty. In PowerPoint, click Insert and then tap on Object. From there, click ‘Create from file’. You can browse for Excel or Word files from your folders, select them and then import them on your PowerPoint Slides. This way you can embed the files in your slides. If you want to link and keep the files up to date as a change occurs,

4. How to Insert Hyperlink?

In PowerPoint, you can make a hyperlink with any text within your presentation. When you click on it, a hyperlink can link to a particular slide within your presentation, a web page, a saved file, or a custom email. To insert a hyperlink, highlight the object or text you would like to connect to the internet. Right-clicking the highlighted text, select ‘Hyperlink..’ and then from the ‘Link to:’ side panel, choose the hyperlink destination.

5. Creating Slide Layouts in your PowerPoint Design

Are you looking for cool amazing templates for your presentation? Why not create some! You can customize your slide by creating slide layouts in your presentation. PowerPoint slide layouts are built-in, formatted slides. For example, you can have a Title Slide with a giant text box along with font size. Other PowerPoint designs are made for body slides or slides with photo placeholders; these will permit you to put a picture and text without reformation.

6. Laser Pointer

What if you could turn your mouse into a Laser Pointer and draw more attention to something on your PowerPoint slide? To transform your mouse into a Laser Pointer throughout the entire presentation, once you are in slide show mode, snap on the pen icon and select Laser Pointer. Then on your presentation, you can use your mouse pointer as a Laser Pointer! You can also do it temporarily by pressing and holding your Ctrl key and clicking the left button of your mouse.

7. Rehearse Timings for your presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint incorporates a route for you to time yourself in anticipation of your presentations. The Rehearse Timings feature in Microsoft PowerPoint permits you to go through your PowerPoint slides as though you were offering it to an actual crowd, and it will monitor how long it required for you to go through each slide (and altogether, your entire presentation). To begin practising your timings, go to the Slide Show tab and snap-on Rehearse Timings. This will consequently begin your introduction with a clock in the upper left-hand corner. Now go through your presentation as though you were offering it to a crowd of people, and towards the finish of the introduction, you will be given the choice to keep or dispose of the timings. In accepting the timings, your presentation will be bound to those occasions which means the time it took you to go through a slide in the practice will currently be unchangeable. Also, after that time the slide will naturally progress. This can be disabled, if necessary.

There are more tips and techniques to use and those are simple, all you need to do learn & practice. If you want to know more tips and techniques, you can enrol in this course on Microsoft PowerPoint


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